More Miles on the 23 J

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Today is the last day at Sagebrush Cycle. It is also the day of their annual run. About 20 riders showed up with their vintage machines. Pans, flatheads, shovels, Nortons, and JDs.

The Norton guys are also Cannonballers so it was great to see them again. After the pre-ride meeting we were off. Slight drizzle most of the day.

The first stop was at the Petrified Wood gas station. Way cool.

My bike is running perfect. Still breaking it in so taking it easy. Running good!

Next stop was a short coffee and pie break. I had the coconut pie and coffee. Excellent.

After the pie time to ride some more and head to lunch at Doc’s in Muenster. What a cool stop. the lunch was excellent!

After this is was a nice 60 mile ride back home. Some gravel, some rain, some sun, and miles of smiles.

Once back at the shop I threw my bike up on the lift to drain and measure the oil as well as a general inspection. 140 miles today. All checked out good.

Nice and dirty from the ride! Perfect.

Had help from Matt and Joe to load the bike in my van for the ride home.

So my TX trip comes to an end with an outstanding experience with Jon Neuman and Matt Rubble of Sagebrush Cycle in Flower Mound, TX.

Next stop home to continue riding and preparing for the Cannonball. Over and out.

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