First Ride on the 1923 J!

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After completing a full restoration on the 1923 Model J I was able to take my first ride in this beautiful machine. I am at Sagebrush Cycle in Flower Mound, TX where the bike was prepared. Credit to Jon Neuman and Matt Rubble for an outstanding job.

With my previous experience riding my 1911 Excelsior belt drive model, this bike is a dream. Only 12 years newer but now I can enjoy a twin cylinder engine, three speed transmission, and chain drive. In addition more modern oiling system, even though still a total loss design.

In addition the tires are more robust, heavier duty frame, much better brake (rear only), a real headlamp and taillight, and a cool Klaxon horn. Also a generator, voltage regulator, and timer make this a “modern” machine compared with the primitive Excelsior.

It was a tough decision to “retire” the Excelsior from another Cannonball, however I am proud of what we (Team Effort team members Tribbey, Thompson, and Rognsvoog) accomplished at the 2018 event.

So this week I will put on 200 miles on the J, complete a first service, and check every single fastener before heading back to home. Once home I will continue to bond with the machine, learn more, and get more miles on before the Cannonball in September.

More updates tomorrow after our 50 mile planned ride to continue the break in process. Over and out for now.

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  1. I can almost feel the excitement you must have had riding this beautiful machine. As always, continued success in all your endeavors my friend. Be safe out there, can’t wait to come over and see it first hand. Adios Brother!

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