Today was a ball buster for the 1911 EX. Started out great!

Headed out around 9:30 with one other single cylinder: 1911 HD.

Very quickly the route took us on very rough gravel roads. These roads had extreme elevations and declines. The roads beat the snot out of the EX. In addition because of the gravel I was not able to ride at speeds fast enough to get momentum to climb the hills.

Once cresting the hill the declines were just as steep and the brake was really struggling to slow me down. Not a good feeling in very rough loose gravel.

So after about 21 miles I decided to throw in the towel for the day. I cannot risk damaging my bike before the Cannonball next year.

So today I will be riding a friend’s H-D flathead and letting the EX rest. Still will be a great ride!

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