Spent a few hours learning about the new hub I’ll be using. As you may (or may not) remember on my 2018 Cannonball event my rear Muscleman rear brake was my nemesis. Went through four of these at a very high cost! Here is one picture of what occurred.

As you can see the brass brake show is destroyed. This occurred throughout my ride. In fact I rode two days with zero brakes as I waited for new parts to be shipped in.

I connected with a source for a period correct Thor hub. So I obtained this hub and laced to my belt drive wheel.

So to learn more about function and adjustments I have disassembled and documented how it all goes together.

So next steps are to re-assemble and install in frame. There will have to be some modifications made to make this work on my original frame. Should be no problem.

Engine being pulled out and taken apart in two days. It will be interesting to see how the engine fared in the 3,500 miles I put on in 2018. Over and out for now.

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