Made our way from Bowling Green, KY to Chattanooga, TN today. Very hot ride. Bikes ran good. The three guys I have ridden with every day once again stayed together. Unfortunately Mike was hit by a truck. All things considered he is OK and the bike is repairable. So Mike will be with us in spirit for the rest of the ride. I spoke to him last night and he is going to meet us tonight in Macon.

At each stop so many people coming over to say hi!

Lots of work going on last night in the parking lot. Much different than Cannonball as there are no support crews, only other riders to help.

Also rained pretty good last night; the forecast for today is hot and dry with temps in the mid 90’s. All good!

More bikes came in last night on the trailer.

So on to Stage 6. We will hit the half way point today.

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