What a day! I know I say that every day. It’s true. After last night at the museum seeing so many great friends and family! And this morning with Nancy, mom and Tom stopping to see me off, wow.

Started the day off cold. Looked like rain so my group of riders “suited up” in case it did rain, and it sure did! A very cold wet ride most of the day.

Had an early morning stop at the HD dealer in DeKalb. A nice surprise to see my uncle Phil there!! Made my day. A short time there and we were off to Ottawa for a lunch stop.

Saw Gina Woods there from Open Road Radio. Great to chat a bit before lunch. Did some minor maintenance and we were off again headed to the nightly stop in Urbana at Andrea’s Harley-Davidson. Lynn and Randy really did a great job welcoming us all!

Did all of my PM (preventative maintenance) work there so none needed after we check in hotel. More friends also stopped in to say hi. Had a nice dinner with a dozen great folks. Back in the room now and getting a good night sleep for the ride tomorrow to Bowling Green, KY.

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