Busy today packing up tools and spare parts. Clothes and riding gear next. Installed a nice old tour pak from the 70’s. Will hold all my parts and tools. Saddlebags will be for riding gear and clothes.

Also giving the bike a “go-over” to touch every part I may have to work on. This way I can make notes on any tools I may need. Remember the rules state only you and the bike; NO support crew. So I will have to be able to fix and repair the bike on my own. After all the work I have done on this bike I can say I know every but and bolt on the entire bike!

Starting to get nervously excited at this event as the start date is fast approaching. But first will be the swap meet in Davenport, IA this weekend. I’ll bring the bike to help support the event. After getting back from swap on Aug 31 will leave only two days before I depart for Sault St. Marie for the start.

I will do my best to post daily as we complete this ride. Thanks for following along!

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