Today started out as usual; arrived at departure location and loaded route map. All Class one machines lined up.

Off we went into the desolate parts of South Dakota.

The “assumed” easy ride turned upside down quickly. Even though the roads were straight as an arrow, we had extremely strong headwinds blowing against us. I could not get any speed! But had to keep forging ahead. One mile at a time is our motto. Finally got to the only station at this stop.

Then we were routed into the badlands.

But then it got ugly when we were routed to Mount Rushmore. Extremely busy area. One “hill” we had to climb and we did not make it.

Look closely at the top of the pic to see Mt. Rushmore. However now I had to push the bike to the top. And no one can help push the bike! So I did. I was looked after from Cannonball staff Doc and Karen. Had my first experience inhaling oxygen. After getting to top I was off again. At the end I crossed the finish line just minutes before cut-off.

So 9 for 9. Off to Billings tomorrow.


13 Replies to “Stage 9: day from hell”

  1. Now that’s a story worth telling over and over til the end of time. You did it Chris. You overcame tremendous obstacles. You can be very proud of that. Courage and tenacity should be your middle name. Very well done sir!

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