Had a good flight here. Met Dan at airport and an uneventful two flights later we arrived in Portland. Met Brent and mingled in parking lot getting work done. I asked Tom to drive me to musical instrument store for rosin to use on my belt. That was great. Next to NAPA for some extra condensers. Back to the lot and fixed the reflector and taillights. All good! Met several other riders and had a great dinner with Team #60.

Back to room to charge my electrical equipment.

Day one in the bag. Tomorrow is technical inspections and a 19 mile practice ride. I’m in seventh heaven!

3 Replies to “Day one recap 9/5/2018”

  1. Chris, I talked to you briefly at the Elm Grove car show. Both my son and I are impressed with your undertaking which begins shortly. I’m going to try and catch you and your fellow riders at Kersting’s in Indiana on Wednesday. Good Luck from us here in Wauwatosa.

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