Well once again I am working on the EX. I have come to terms I may never be truly “ready”. But right now I can honestly say I’m ready. I had to laugh tonight as I injected oil into the crankcases and tightened the special made plug. One final snug and it spun; assumed case stripped. However the plug fell to the ground and here is what I saw:

I laughed out loud! With a little finesse I was able to walk the threaded part out.

I installed the original 107 year old plug back in.

Finished the belt and chain tension, ensuring proper wheel adjustment.

Next to move on the luggage rack from a fat tire bicycle. Fitted up nicely with some slight bending to clear the belt sprocket.

Hose clamp installation kit extra!

Finally ended the night with a perfect oil venting system. Routed the crankcase vent from the original “through the frame” routing to external. Also used a “collection can” to make sure no raw oil was exiting the system. Worked out perfect.

Ain’t pretty but extremely functional.

As I reflect at the past two years resurrecting this machine from a 65 year hibernation, I couldn’t be happier. The support I have received has me speechless. The help from experts in this field leaves me humbled. The understanding from my wife is a miracle. So as the days are getting closer, and we will be loading up soon, I have to say I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. This Cannonball has me hooked. As Cole stated, “The drug called the Cannonball” has me addicted. No cure.

I’ll leave you with this final video of a race ready 1911 Excelsior Model 4K, battery ignition, total loss oil and total loss electrical, 30.5 cubic inch, 4 horsepower engine.

And a few images.

Good night. Another day tomorrow.

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