One month from today, the Cannonball ride begins. At 8:30am CST class 1 bikes will be allowed to leave and begin the 145 mile day. I will be one of three 1911 machines (oldest bikes in the event). My crew (Brent Thompson and Dan Rognsvoog) are ready and preparing for the event. Our other crew member Dennis Worthy will be watching from afar as he recuperates from some surgery. We will miss him in this journey! I will be continuing to ride as much as I can to get used to the nuances of this machine. Right now I am experiencing a good amount of optimistic stress. I don’t thing you are ever 100% ready for something like this, and in 29 days we will be ready to begin!

Thanks for all the encouragement and support. I continue to be humbled at all of the interest and support I have received.


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