I know you have all seen the EX running around. In the bike right now is what we are calling Engine 1. This was a motor we basically tore down, cleaned up, and put back together. We wanted to prove our theories on how the engine and ignition performed. So I have about 40 miles on the Engine 1. In the meantime we are working on Engine 2, the event Motor.

The picture above is showing the new belt tension pivot stud that was made. It is longer for an external support plate (shown in an earlier post). Below is the inside fastener and special tool.

One of the spare engines had a cylinder with a busted up base. So we are trying to save it by first removing the old base.

Next will be to press in a new sleeve and machine and weld a new base.

Should have the Engine 2 event engine installed soon. Then some 100-200 mile days await me in July.

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