We had a Team Effort meeting last night to discuss logistics and overall strategy for the upcoming Cannonball event. We also discussed the engine work we are involved in over a nice dinner of chicken wings and beer.

The rod and flywheel assembly (including shafts) looks in excellent shape!

Also here is a before and after of the intake valve modified from an automotive titanium valve. The stock valve pocket is also shown.

In the background of the image above you can also see a device that we made to measure spring pressure as we play with different intake springs.

The intake pocket had a cracked guide so a new one was pressed in. Also a little porting was done to smooth out some rough edges. Also rather than a flat horizontal valve to guide surface we machined to a 45 degreee.

All in all we are moving along and feel pretty good on our approach with this engine.

Oh, and the number plate is now mounted!

Over and out for now.

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