I know it’s been a while since my last post. That does not mean nothing is going on. Here’s an update on current work. Working on second engine now.

We are having new pistons made by Venolia. Going to try lighter modern pistons.

Flywheels going to be inspected and rebuilt. Initial indications are all good!

Fixture to hold cylinder for run repair.

Claying piston to see how much we can play with new piston height.

Lots of room!

Fabricating a top plug so we can turn the cylinder in the lathe.

Reamer and hand made cutter to increase wrist pin to .625″ (standard pin size as compared with stock .610″).

So all in all going great. Once the weather breaks I’ll be riding! Thanks for following along. Also I still have a few pennants left if you’d like to support my effort.

Price is $20 plus shipping ($4 US and $15 international). If you’d like one PayPal $ and address to: tribbeycannonball2018@gmail.com

Thank you!

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