Good day folks! I am proud to unveil the banner for my Cannonball team effort. These are USA made, and measure 9″ X 26″. Material is wool and image is silk screened. These make great items to hang in your garage or gifts for the motorcycle enthusiast. I am selling these as a way to raise funds for the September 2018 event. Price is $20 plus shipping.

The names on the pennant includes the members of Team Effort; Brent Thompson, Dennis Worthy, Dan Rognsvoog, and myself.

If you would like one please email me at:

Thank you all for the support!

14 Replies to “Pennants Now Available!”

  1. Hi Chris Tribbey, greetings from Texas! Michele and I are proud to drop 24 bucks to be a part of your Cannonball experience!
    See your PayPal, we’re in. 😁
    I hope you’ll consider allowing us to follow along and we’ll get you on our groups as our boy to win! Pin one up for the X-Men on HARLEY groups! I love it.
    #9. That’s a lucky number, man. It served me well in 35 years of motorsports, from Midgets to Porsches to Formula Fords. #9 was on my NASCAR heroes door.
    Bill Elliott. Million Dollar Bill, Awesome Bill From Dawsonville, the consummate gentleman, a smart and worthy competitor and champion. I know you guys would like each other instantly.
    I hope the beloved #9 serves you as well as it did Bill and I.
    Good luck, Chris. Have a blast!
    Neither Bill or I are crazy enough to drive your #9 500 miles, let alone cross country. Best wishes to you and yours, Mark and Michele Fullerton.

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      1. You are very welcome, Chris!
        That pennant is beautiful, and will hang amongst my bestest Excelsior treasures. Drop us a call if you need gas money, snacks, a back brace or painkillers. Ride safe, take lots of pictures, and have a great time!
        A proud sponsor of lucky #9, Mark

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  2. Chris I am more than happy to support your ride of a life time. Can you let me know what it will cost to send a pennant to Canada? Say hi to Brent for me.

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