Mama Tried in the bag! 

Various shots from the event. Spoke to dozens of people about “Fred”. Awesome to show people and explain total loss oil and electrical systems, clincher tires, and atmospheric intake valves. 

3 thoughts on “Mama Tried in the bag! 

  1. Jeff Wanta

    This is Misshell writing on behalf of the main squeeze…Mr. Wanta came home after Mama Tried and he hasn’t shut up about the bike and you. Really impressive! We can’t wait to hear it run under Henderson power in lieu of the infamous Tribbey 2-legged direct drive system. I think Henderson may have more CC’s. I hear beer increases the octane…or maybe it could be a close match?! Awesome job, man! As always, it was great to see and talk with you today. Good luck preparing for the Cannonball!


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