6 Replies to “Arrived for Mama Tried”

  1. Do I have memories and stories of this dearly loved bike owned by our Grandfather Fred Hazen in Newcomb Township, Champaign County, ILL. in 1911 forward. We are honored to have Chris Tribbey as the new steward of the Tribbey-Hazen 1911 Excelsior Auto Cycle.
    Perhaps you’ll feel the presence AND spirit of the Hazen men tapping, touching, loving this
    family treasure. Three Hazen stewards: Fred Hazen; Keith M. Hazen, Katherine
    Scott Reising (Hazen). Mantel passed to Chris Tribbey on Dec. 22, 2015. Paul Smith, a mutual friend, handed me off to Chris when I was vetting the world for the bike’s new owner. And we found just the right guy!! LET THE SHOW BEGIN AS FRED DEBUTS HIS NEXT LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY as the TRIBBEY-HAZEN 1911 Excelsior Auto Cycle. NICE,CHRIS. VERY NICE.
    Hope to see you at the show….mid Saturdayish. or…. or…bloody mary’s at Iron Horse Hotel.


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