Another week has gone by with a huge forward momentum! The bike has been delivered to a top secret location for a two-week vacation. During this time a lot of linkage work will be completed. Both throttle and ignition controls are operated by a series of rods and clevis that make up all the linkage. Here is the bike ready for a road trip. 

Arriving at the remote workshop we could compare a set of original linkage pieces from a different 1911 Excelsior to a completely new set for my bike. 

Quite a complicated arrangement! I am extremely lucky and grateful for true friends to make this all happen. Here is one example of an original 1911 linkage piece (on the left) and a completely new piece made by one of these guys. 

Also was able to have a look inside the ignition and cam area to discover a stamped cam gear with 1911. 

So all is moving ahead at a good pace. Stay tuned for the next update. 

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