Rear Wheel Belt Pulley Install

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Well this had been a day I’ve been anxious about for a while: removing original wood pulley and replacing with new one. Simple as it seems it is a complex endevour. The rear wheel has been completed with a new rim and spokes. The nine old brackets are being reused with stainless screws rather than rivets. 

These bracket screws were left a bit loose to allow for removal and installation of the wood pulley. 

We are now ready to remove old pulley. All old pulley to bracket screws were removed. Notice the unique style of the washers under the bolt head. 

Next is pulling old pulley off. 

New pulley slipped over brackets and all rim brackets tightened. 

On to the truing stand to properly position the pulley to ensure it is true to the rim and has no runout. 

Some of the brackets needed some straightening. Once on the rim we still needed to “adjust” some of the brackets to obtain zero vertical runout on the wood. 

Then using a special made jig we clamped to the brackets the proper angle holes could be drilled through the wood from the inside. 

Lastly the holes could be countersunk from the outside. 

Now repeat for the other eight brackets!

Hope to have tire mounted in the coming week. Thanks for reading. 

4 Replies to “Rear Wheel Belt Pulley Install”

  1. Well done, I can’t help but think of the non mechanic biker who takes a look at your bike and says cool piece man, and in reality has no idea of what it took to get back on the road

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  2. Chris this is such fantastic detail and care and its only the rear wheel. I can’t wait to see how you go about bringing this engine to life. Awesome blog.


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