The pedal saga continues…..I picked up a set of Torrington no. 10 pedal thinking I could use the bearing cups and bearings. But, the pedals I picked up are a later set, without the outer nuts on the pedal rubber shafts. The bearings on the replacement set were caged, while my originals held individual ball bearings. So, back to working on my original components.


Using a variety of attachments on the Dremel or air grinder I worked on cleaning up the cups the best I could.


One of the first steps was to use this brush to clean any loose rust or dirt.


After initial cleaning.


After first pass with brass Dremel brush.


Final condition with steel brush Dremel bit.


So I will keep looking for pieces to use. A fellow AMCA member brought me a crate of pedals to look through…….so the slow steady progress continues.

3 Replies to “Still on the pedals”

  1. I hope something from the fellow AMCA member works for you as those cups are pretty rough, but for pedals on a motorcycle they should work. The pedals don’t need to spin like on an actual bicycle to propel the bike.

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