Next on the list was to remove the engine belt sprocket. While attempting to loosen the sprocket nut I had some AWESOME news….the bottom end spun over which moved up the cylinder (no doubt the piston is seized inside). But to know the bottom end is loose is a GREAT relief!



Lots of heat, lots of kroil, and LOTS of patience. Care had to be taken to not break the outer lip off. Propane (illustrated in photo) was not enough. Acetylene had to be used to heat up the center before it could be easily removed.



Not sure why the threads are there on this sprocket. Might have been for a special tool to remove the sprocket??



Yup, that’s smoke from all the heat.



A perfect shaft and woodruff key!



Short and sweet. Slow steady progress!

Here is the front sprocket with the leather liner.



It is riveted on and the parts book shows originally had screws.



I shipped it off for a new leather wrap to be made. Will also have extras made as long as they are making one, might as well make a half dozen! I might need them if I put on a lot of miles!



Sprocket in overall great shape! Nice clean sharp edges in woodruff slot. No scoring or pitting in taper.



Will grind off rivets and investigate if screws are a viable option.



More pictures after the sprocket is wrapped with a new liner.

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