Celebration! Passing the Stewardship

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We had a celebration! Attendees included myself, Kathie (who you previously met earlier in this blog), Paul (who I mentioned earlier as the man who introduced Kathie to me), Charmaine (Paul’s friend), Nancy (my wife), and Jim (my neighbor who just happened to stop in for a visit)………OH and FRED!  The purpose was to celebrate the “transfer” of stewardship from the Hazen family to the Tribbey family. We had time to talk about how this all came to be and generally hang out in the garage taking it all in. Had a chance to show Paul a lot of aspects to this machine and we could listen to Kathie reflecting on growing up with her grandfather’s Excelsior. It was a fun day as well as emotional. At the end of the day we all agreed Fred was now enjoying his new home and was looking forward to the journey of restoration!


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