So now that Kathie and me “consummated” the deal it was time for Fred* to move to Caledonia (southern suburb of Milwaukee).

*I have never named any of my 47 motorcycles. This motorcycle was an exception. This bike is now Fred, in honor of Fred Hazen, the original owner.

Paul was going to go with me but I decided to get am early start to make the 12 hour round trip journey. Therefore it would be a solo ride south and time to bond with Fred on the way home.

The journey was December 22, 2015.

Arriving at the storage facility where I would meet Fred for the second time, and take him “home”, I was humbled at the fact this was actually happening. I had to pinch myself that I was now the owner of a 105 year old Excelsior and and agreed to honor Fred and the Hazen history.

Kathie and I had a great “ceremony” passing the stewardship torch, toasting Fred and the new journey he was now on. Time to load him up and drive north!


9 Replies to “Time to move north..”

  1. Chris you are a lucky boy. Enjoy restoring this fine work of machinery
    It’s fantastic the gas tank decals and paint work is still in great condition after 105 years
    Charlie Australia

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  2. One hell of a Christmas present! Color me jealous – and inspired to finally begin rebuilding my own project bike that has been rusting away in my garage for years.

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